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5. 00 Listing fee provides: 1. MARKET YOUR HOME Nationally and Locally on The MLS and Every other Local Agentвs company and personal websites!! 2. Market your home on 1000вs of local personal Realtors websites (where their buyerвs are searching) 3. Market your home on National home search websites to insure you are not missing people moving from out of State. 4.
Your own Realtor Consultation, Sit down and help you prepare your home for sale and consults and prepares you. 5. Unlimited High Quality photos that actually motivate people to come look at your home and toured on the MLS. 6. Title Insurance Company and Professional Realtor to insure all documentation are legally correct and insure that Title is transferred legally. To protect you and your personal assets and liabilities. 7.
Full page flyers. UNLIMITTED 8. Sellerвs NET SHEET. This is a sheet that you will receive that will show all the Title Companies Fees, Buyerвs agent commissions, Tax Prorationвs, closing costs so that way you can budget and know exactly what you will take home after the sale of your home. 9. Detailed information about your home to describe your home to potential buyers. 10.
Weekly notices of changes in your area of what the market is doing and how many homes within your market have sold. 11. Due to the MLS fees Commissions must be paid by the seller to an active Realtor who brings the buyer to you to sell your home. BUT YOU DECIDE how much. (Standard is 3% and anything lower does effect marketing of your home. ) 12. Weekly consultations of updates and marketing strategies. 13.
If you decide not to move no binding contracts or just call and we sign the proper documentation and your home will no longer be marketed with our company. 14. SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! WITH ALL THE BENEFITS OF THE MLS, UTAH STATE REALTOR BOARD. GET YOUR HOME SOLD RIGHT! 15. NO OTHER FLAT FEE SERVICE AGENCY OFFERS SO MUCH PROTECTION TO YOU AS THE SELLER AND HANDS ON RESOURSES!
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(Aug 27, 2007)

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