6541 Avery Ave. Highland, Utah 84003

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6541 Avery Ave. Highland, Utah 84003
Showing your is probably the most important part of the selling process. Consider the following carefully as you prepare your home for viewing. First impressions mean a lot and often prospective buyers make a decision almost immediately. Curb appeal is important since many buyers search by themselves and then call their Realtor about property they have only seen from the street.
Fresh paint on your houseБs exterior and interior is one of the easiest and best improvements you can make to enhance that first impression. It makes your house look bright and clean. If you paint, use whites, creams, or neutral colors on the interior and exterior colors that will blend with the neighborhood. If you donБt paint everything, at least paint the places that need it most.
Get rid of clutter. Clutter doesnБt sell. Sometimes clutter can be described also as too much dцcor, too much furniture, too much stuff on the mantle, etc. DonБt cook fish prior to showing your home.
Not that you need an air freshener, but you donБt want that first impression to be a bad odor. Keep yards and vegetation mowed and trimmed. Keep pets out of the house when showing. Open blinds and curtains so rooms are bright and inviting.
If your house is shown by an agent it is best that you are away. If you cannot leave, remain in a separate part of the house and allow your agent to work for you. Refrain from attempting to point out special features, or initiating idle chat. Do not follow them around.
Buyers are uncomfortable in the presence of sellers and it could spoil their tour. Take the dog for a walk or go outside. Trust the skills of your agent to present your house for you. Prior to showing, discuss with your agent everything you would like to convey to the buyer.
It is in your best interests. Be flexible. Your house could be shown at any time. Agents do everything possible to arrive within a certain schedule, but sometimes this isnБt possible.
So too, they may call at a momentБs notice which means your house should be ready for viewing at any given time.
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