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Broker Courses
This 120-hour Broker Pre-Licensing Course was revised in 2008Pwith all new curriculum and has been continually updated. PPThis course is certified by the Utah Division of Real Estate to satisfy the requirement for broker pre-licensing classes. P ExistingPagentsPwill increase their knowledge and professionalism as they take their business to the next level and their license to the status of Associate, Branch, or Principal Broker. P At some point, the 120 hour requirement could be increased.
PFinish your broker requirements while the course is just 120 hours. 9 for the online brokerPcoursePincludes online textbook and school final exams. 9 for the broker course in all LIVE classes includes textbooks, learning materials and school final exams. There are severalPtypes of brokers licenses available, depending on an individuals career goals. P This course will help you achieve any of these broker licenses. P In some cases, you may desire to be anP Associate Broker, completing the required number of transactions and the additional education, but continuing to work in a real estate office under the supervision of a branchPand principal broker.
This title can increase your credibility with potential clients and fellow agents, who understand youve attended more classes and closed more transactions and that your commitment to the real estate profession is typically higher than that of the average sales agent. PAssociate Broker may be the best designation to put on your business card. You may wish to use your broker license to act as aP Branch Broker, enabling you to manage a branch office of a real estate firm. Or you may wish to acquire your licensePas aP Principal Broker, Pwhich allows you to manage an entire real estate firm for someone else or managePa real estate company of your own.
The applicant for an associate broker/principal broker license must be at least 18 years of age and have a minimum of three years real estate experience and a total of at least 60 experience points accumulated within the five years prior to broker licensing. For more information on experience requirements, consult the P and other requirementsPunder Real Estate Broker Licensing. An applicant for a broker license must complete an approved educational program of 120 hours; the subject matter of the course will consist of 45 hours of Broker Principles, 45 hours of Broker Practices, and 30 hours of Utah Law. According to the Utah Division of Real Estate, up-to-date, well-run schools are essential to the success of real estate in Utah.
The Utah Real Estate School, TLG is certified with the Utah Division of Real Estate to provide real estate sales agent and broker prelicensing as well as ongoing real estate continuing education.
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