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: stagers, by owner and discount commission Division of Real Estate Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 SELLERS Property Disclosure: No state law appeared to indicate the use of a mandatory disclosure form when this site was created, which could have been changed. Even so, the seller should disclose anything that could be construed as a public safety or health issue. Using a generic form to disclose problems or even better, making known that no problems exist is a good marketing ploy on your part. After all, your competition isnt doing it. uslegalforms. com.
Go there and select the state where your property is located. Click on FREE PREVIEW to familiarize yourself with the contents of the form. 3) or are sites that list other FSBO (by-owner) homes to help owners gain advertising exposure. Note: Most sites extend their coverage beyond the specific town(s) specified below to include surrounding areas as well. If no area is specified, the coverage area is usually most or all of the state.
UTAH WEB SITES THAT CAN SAVE YOU MONEY HOME STAGING Home stagers that serve outside of major cities often cover a fairly large geographical area. Therefore, you may wish to contact stagers who are not in your immediate vicinity if none are available locally. Many list their area of coverage on their web site. If you are aware of others that home stage and re-design, have them contact us for a free posting to our site.
Thanks to all those who have informed us when they were unable to connect to a particular web site. This really helps us maintain a current directory of local resources.
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