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How Real Estate Rebates Work -
Buy A Home. Receive A Commission Rebate. The most common commission paid by a seller to list their home on the Utah MLS is 6% of the home’s sale price. The six percent commission is generally split evenly between the listing agent and the buyer’s agent.
Most Utah real estate brokerages pocket the entire commission and move on to the next sale. When you purchase a home with Utah Half Price Realty, we REBATE up to 50% of our commission back to you after closing. How Much Will Your Rebate Be? Your home buyer rebate is estimated as a percentage of the home’s asking price for any home 0,000 or greater.
Therefore, the higher the asking price of a home, the higher your estimated rebate will be. You can locate the commission rebate on the property details page directly below the asking price. How Do Sellers Save? Most Utah real estate agents charge 3% of your home’s sale price to market your home through the local MLS. Utah Half Price Realty listing service fees are only 1. 5%.
As an example, seller’s of a 0,000 home would save 00 in commissions when listing with Utah Half Price Realty. Questions? Just Ask. 801. 243. 8900 1) Minimum fee on short sales, REOs, and new construction is 00. 3) All home buyer rebates are subject to lender approval. 4) 50% home buyer Rebates are calculated on a 3% buyer’s agent commission. 5) Buyer’s agent commission below 3% of the real estate sales price will result in a reduction in the home buyer rebate. *All real estate commissions are negotiable. Savings are estimates based on a 3% buyer’s agent and/or 3% listing agent commission.
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