Inactive License vs Utah Referral Network

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Inactive License vs Utah Referral Network
Every year thousands of licensed real estate agents put their licenses on inactive status and even let their licenses expire because life has taken them a different direction and it no longer makes sense to pay 5/year in Board Dues and /month in MLS fees. What most of these agents dont realize is that they dont have to pay these expensive fees to stay in the business, nor do they have to spend time working in real estate to still make money! Utah Referral Network is a Referral Brokerage that has been created for those agents who put their licenses on inactive status because it doesnt make sense to pay Board Dues and membership fees. URN is a licensed real estate brokerage that is not affiliated with the Board of Realtors which allows its agents to have an active license without paying all the dues and fees.
Having an active license with a licensed brokeragePenables these agents to be paid a referral fee when they send their past clients and friends to other who are still working in the industry. Everyone who has worked in the real estate business has contacts, past clients, friends family who occasionally need a real estate agent. Rather than referring these people on to another agent for a non-solicited gift, agents can make thousands of dollars on each referral they send to a Realtor! Utah Referral Network allows them to collect these referral fees.
Instead of paying 5 a year in Board Dues and a month for MLS access, agents pay only a month to have their license active with Utah Referral Network. PAgents have their choice of sending their referrals through aPUtah Referral Network affiliated Pand paying a small 0 transaction fee on each referral paid or sending their referrals to any agent of their choice and paying a 0 transaction fee. Referrals sent throughPUtah Referral Network and serviced by one of its Ppay out a 25% referral fee (negotiable). PSome of our affiliate Realtors will pay the 0 transaction fee for you.
POn a 0,000 house thats up to description,875 in the referring agents pocket instead of ! Call or email with any questions!
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The seller of the home is typically the one who is responsible for paying the broker fees. Selling fees will typically include:

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