KAYENTA. Ivins, Utah

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KAYENTA. Ivins, Utah
Overlooking the 6000 acre Santa Clara River Reserve and bordering the Red Cliffs Desert Tortoise Reserve, Red Mountain Wilderness Area, the Kayenta Desert Community rests at the foot of majestic red rock cliffs. Kayenta colors outside the lines of conventional luxury developments. Strict building requirements and sustainable landscaping guidelines mindfully integrate low impact Pueblo/Kayenta style architecture with over 2000 acres of pristine red rock landscape. Kayenta offers existing homes and building sites for sale.
The Coyote Gulch Art Village is the cultural heart of Kayenta where locals and visitors alike can shop, dine, hike, rent a bicycle or take in one of the many performing arts activities scheduled throughout the year. Whether you prefer to delight at the sight of inspiring waterfalls after a desert rainstorm, relax while sipping an incredible cappuccino (made from shade grown/fair trade, custom roasted coffee of course), lounge over a terrific meal at Xetava Cafe or pick up some local southwest art, Kayenta and The Coyote Gulch Art Village are a welcoming oasis for those who seek the road less traveled. Who knowsKayenta may feel just like home to you?
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