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Meet Our Team
Crickett came to Salt Lake City as a Flight Attendant with Western Airlines when she was 21. Back then she didnБt know much about Utah State, and wondered how UtahБs large families could afford to eat at Бstake housesБ and why there were so many (mental) БwardsБ! SheБs now been in Salt Lake ValleyБby choice for 42 years. Crickett loves the people here, and their focus on families and raising children with values.
College educated in Marketing, CrickettБs career has been largely centered on Marketing, Public Relations, and Sales Б a background she uses expansively as a professional Realtor. She feels honored when clients БinviteБ her into their personal lives for their real estate needs, and feels no satisfaction greater than when sheБs helping them invest in one of AmericaБs greatest freedoms Б home ownership. She truly cares about teaching her clients the real estate process Б after all, itБs their money! Her caring nature, positive personality and attitude towards educating and communicating with her clients helps her build trusted lasting relationships.
As a result, her clients often refer her to their family and friends. A Councilwoman for 8 years, Crickett uses what she learned to benefit her clients in many ways. From knowing where to get a permit to run an at-home hair salon, to procuring Amphitheater ticketsБyou need only ask. Crickett has two adult sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law and five fabulous grandchildren.
She feels blessed to have such a full life Б with a career that impacts others so positively. Call Crickett today to work for you!
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