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, and. Security Instruments, subject to underwriting review: Are YOU receiving payments from real estate you have sold or financed? in the property? (There are higher minimum equity requirements for non-owner occupied residential properties, mobile homes WITH land, commercial properties, and all types of land). Is your lien in first position or does it completely wrap around the first lien? Does your buyer have a very good payment history?
Are ALL of the payments current right now? Are you considering the possibility of converting ALL or ANY portion of the remaining unpaid principal balance of your privately held Real Estate Promissory Note or Real Estate Contract into a large lump sum of right now? Most of the information we require is stated on the documents you should already have in your possession regarding the sale or financing of your property. Please be VERY SPECIFIC and provide us the EXACT information requested, particularly dates and figures.
After we have evaluated the details of your transaction, we will present you an extremely generous offer and we will also pay for all closing costs, (except commercial appraisals), so you wonвt have any out-of-pocket expenses. The more information you can provide will allow us to make the absolute highest maximum offer possible, and that means in your pocket! As the premier Real Estate Promissory Note Buyer and Real Estate Contract Buyer and Investor in the intermountain west, we will purchase ALL or ANY portion of the remaining unpaid principal balance of your Real Estate Note or Contract depending on the terms and conditions of your transaction, subject to our underwriting guidelines, and quickly provide you with the absolute highest maximum lump sum in possible to accommodate your immediate needs. Typically, it takes between 2 and 3 weeks to close a transaction, so if you see promises that a company can close a transaction in 10 days, they really mean 10 business days, which is 2 weeks!
Donвt be fooled by big company ads or commercials в the bigger the company, the bigger the overhead, and I guarantee they will pass their exorbitant expenses on to you! Also, beware of the late-night infomercial graduates as they are inexperienced and will likely waste an enormous amount of your time and resources. Please in your bookmark or favorites folder. If you have any questions, please review and our most.
If you have additional questions, or comments, please donвt hesitate to. Thank you for visiting our web site and we hope your visit is enjoyable. Please in your bookmark or favorites folder. We buy, sell, purchase, and invest in monthly installment payments which were originated using creative financing with or without long-term escrow servicing agreements and are secured by single family homes, single family houses, single family residences, manufactured and mobile homes WITH land, owner occupied farms and ranches, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, quads, apartment complexes, hotels and motels, mixed use, commercial and office buildings, improved residential building lots, and recreational properties WITH improvements.
We provide free instant offers, top dollar money quotes, and the highest price bids from our private loan funding investment purchasers. See for more information.
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