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Real Estate
The Law Office of Ben W. Lieberman handles cases for individuals and businesses of all sizes in the following areas: Real Estate Purchase Contract (REPC) Litigation Litigation regarding a real estate purchase contract can be complex. Equitable remedies that are not available in other areas of the lawlike specific performance and rescissionare available when you are suing over the purchase or sale of real estate. We have experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in real estate contract cases. Commercial and Residential Leases Disputes may arise in the context of commercial and residential leases, from whether an agreement even exists to what the terms of the agreement are.
We have represented landlords and tenants in these types of commercial and residential lease matters. Foreclosures and Foreclosure Defense Foreclosures of trust deeds and liens is more common now than ever. We can help creditors and debtors in every step of the foreclosure process. We have represented creditors in collecting debts, and we have represented debtors in connection with foreclosures or protection from deficiency judgments on a personal guaranty.
Encumbrances and Title Defects We represent clients in prosecuting and defending claims of rights-of-way, easements, and defects in title. For more information on how we can help you, visit ourP page, orP.
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