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Starting a new career as a real agent can be an exciting and challenging experience. Thatвs why Allied Real Estate Schools is here to help you be the most prepared you can be, from the start of your real estate training to your first day on the job. Our students experience a high state exam pass rate and are ready to hit the ground running after taking our in-depth and comprehensive real estate classes. Get the education you need to pass your state real estate exam from Allied Real Estate Schools today and create your career success.
Allied offers a wide range of real estate courses in different facets of the industry. Do you like sales? Are you more interested in math and valuations? Or, is loan origination a better fit for you?
Here are the top real estate license programs available for enrollment today: Designationвs can help enhance your career skills, your value and your income. Here are some popular designations that can help boost your career: What Does a Real Estate Agent Do? As a real estate agent, you will be in charge of showing people properties while playing liaison between the seller and potential buyers. Agents can work for a broker agent or firm where they will receive their referrals and with whom they will share the commission of a sale.
After gaining experience in the industry, some agents can choose to become real estate sales brokers where they can then start their own company. Requirements vary by state but generally you need to be at least 18 years old, complete the required pre-licensing education, pass the state exam and a background check. If you are looking to get a license in a state you currently do not live in, you will be able to take the state exam but will need to undergo a more intensive license application process. Some states do require you to be a resident of that state in order to obtain a license, so be sure to check with the appropriate state regulatory agency for their particular requirements.
Prior to issuance, all states conduct a background check on license applicants. Standards may vary; check with the appropriate state regulatory agency for details and particular requirements. Each state has its own requirements when it comes to obtaining a real estate license. However, they all do require a certain amount of state approved real estate education, possibly even college credits.
And thatвs where it all begins, with education. You will want to contact your state regulatory department before you do anything and find out the exact education requirements. The next step will be to find an accredited school, university or technical school. State education hours can range anywhere from 60 hours in Virgina to 180 hours in Texas.
Once you have completed your education requirements, you will then need to pass a state exam. How Much do Real Estate Agents Make? There really is no set figure to what a real estate agent can make. Many factors come into play with real estate agentsв salaries and are usually affected by location, the housing market and competition.
Generally speaking, the bigger the city you work in, the more opportunity there is to sell homes. And yes, the more homes there are to sell, the more real estate agents there will be in the area. Just as in a smaller town, there will be fewer homes on the market and less competition to deal with. It comes down to wherever the agent is comfortable selling, is most likely the best place for them to sell.
As for salary acquired, real estate agents work on a commission basis. The average commission for a real estate agent is around 6 percent, which is divided up between the sellersв agent (the person the people selling the home work with) and the buyerвs agent (the person working with people interested in buying the home). And the higher the cost of the home, the higher the commission. So real estate agents who only deal with high-end homes tend to earn more than agents working in areas that are on the decline.
On a national average, the salary for real estate agents and salespeople ranged over . 82 an hour in 2012 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics в With the highest 10 percent of agents pulling in more than an hour. Why Allied Real Estate Schools? Most people looking to get their real estate license are currently working at another job. So making the transition from one career to another can be challenging in many ways.
Allied tries to make your transition as easy as possible by creating convenient online courses, which allows you to acquire your education on your own schedule. Many people prefer to cut out the drive time and headaches traveling to a brick and mortar classroom can bring. However, enrolling in an online school doesnвt mean you have to go at it alone either. When you take your online education with Allied Real Estate Schools, youвve got support.
Anytime you have a question about a lesson or the real estate industry, you can simply call in during regular business hours or send an email to an academic advisor. Getting your real estate license has never been more convenient than it is with Allied. Here are some more perks of taking your real estate courses online: Quick, Easy, and Affordable Enrolled over 1 million enrollments nationwide. Allied Real Estate Schoolsв exam prep helps you prepare for the state real estate exam.
These mock exams will allow you to become familiar with the test format and types of questions asked on your state exam. Prep exams are designed to give you all the relevant information you need to pass your real estate state license exam test the very first time you take it. By providing a quality education to students all over the nation since 1992, Allied Real Estate Schools takes pride in offering an education that helps students succeed and grow in their careers. So when youвre ready to move forward with your real estate career, Allied is here to help you every step of the way.
Start working towards getting your real estate license today with Allied Real Estate Schools, call 800-617-3513.
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