Receive a Cash Rebate When You Buy

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Receive a Cash Rebate When You Buy
If you are looking to purchase a home in Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Summit or Wasatch county, let us help you. Our home finder services are free and we have access to thousands of homes for sale. We rebate a portion of our commission back to you in an effort to helpyou with movingcosts, such asnew furniture, kitchen appliances, lawn therefore the more wecan afford torebate. * Here’s how it works: After 0,000, rebate goes up 0 for every ,000. If you would like to take advantage of this program, you can sign up for our. *Allrebatesare calculatedbased on a 3% commission.
If the commission offered is less than 3%,agents commission iscalculated as though it were a3% commission and the balance, if any, is rebated back to the client. In addition to the cash listed above, there are other ways we can help you get cash back. For example, we’ve beenvery successful in getting sellers to pay some, if not all, your closing costs for you. If you are looking to purchase a brand new home,we are many times able to negotiatecash incentives from the builder.
We also partner with a lender who will do your loan for a flat fee, saving you thousands of more dollars. We also offer thefollowing services to you, all free of charge Simply provide us thesearch criteria forthehome or other utah real estate you are looking for, and soon as a property matching your criteria in placed on the utah real estate market, we will notify you by e-mail soyou will be the first to know. Home Viewings – we will arrange with other Utah Realtorsall appointments and take you through the homes you are interested in. – Once you find the home you’re looking for, we’ll make sure you aren’t payingmore than market price. As we collect information about the seller, such as why they are moving, how much they currently owe on their home, how long the house has been on the market, etc. , we’ll pass that on also.
Wholesale Properties – wholesale properties are usually, but not always, distressed properties where the owner must sell the home. This puts you in a great position to buy Utah real estatefor a bargain. In many cases, these homes require some repairs, but with a little effort, you can purchase a home with instant equity.
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