The Real Estate Team with a Unique Perspective

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The Real Estate Team with a Unique Perspective
To make the “Buy-Sell Adventure” a pleasant event, not a stressful process. Moving from one property to another, whether selling and/or buying a home, a business property or investment property, is without a doubt a high stress situation for all people involved in the transaction. Stonebrook’s mission is to provide Stonebrook agents with professional support and tools, with which they can assist their clients in moving from one property to another in an effective and less stressful manner. We will oversee the “Buy/Sell Adventure” from start to finish.
The following shows some of the innovative tools and services Stonebrook has developed over the years to aid agents in this mission. Hook-Up to the Salt Lake Board MLS Computer System (1983) Put an Office in a Shopping Mall – Build Mart Mall (1985) Install Property Tool Kit Software for Agent Use (1987) Offer a Computerized CMA Program – CMA Plus/Minus (1987) Offer Agents Access to 4 MLS Systems – Salt Lake City, Park City, Ogden, Provo/Orem (1990) Provide Agents with Interactive Voice Mail System that Takes Messages and then Calls Agent with Message (1991) Provide Computer Network Stations for Agents i. e. , a cost effective level. Matching this support/service with a real 100% commission split structure and minimum fixed fees, allows agents to change companies with little or no risk. It’s a win for everyone and creates an environment for personal and professional growth.
In the early years, Stonebrook was a standard real estate company, recruiting and training new agents, supplying a variety of programs, materials and services (whether or not they were ever utilized), and charging big fees in the form of low splits (50/50) in order to pay for all the wasted time, effort, and materials. As the 1980’s came to a close, it became apparent that for agents to be competitive in the 90’s and beyond, the structure and support of the office/company had to change. The real estate office must provide all the support and tools necessary for agents to meet the needs of their clients (buyers and seller) plus, these programs must be cost effective in order for the agents to be competitive in any future sales environment. Not only must the office and programs be top notch with low costs, but it is imperative that the commission splits be designed to allow the agents to be profitable in any future competitive commission situation.
This meant that every office operation needed to be computerized and efficient so that a smaller, well trained, expert staff could handle a number of agents at a reduced office cost per agent. This Stonebrook has accomplished. With new and innovating ideas, Stonebrook’s management team developed and established all of the tools, support, and marketing programs displayed above. Of course, in the later 90’s, the Internet made its way into the real estate business and Stonebrook “jumped” on this new tool to make office operations even more productive and efficient.
Now, Stonebrook offers all of the support and marketing that a few years ago could only be done by the very largest companies. At Stonebrook, overall monthly expenses for agents are less for more support. Agents pay only for what they use, not what every other agent uses, resulting in an unbeatable bottom line. Agents choose their listing and selling commissions based on their clients’ needs – not feeding the company’s bottom line.
NO FRANCHISE FEES, NO MISCELLANEOUS FEES TO CLIENTS, NO FEES FOR MIDDLE MANAGEMENT. Everyone benefits, clients and agents alike. Stonebrook and their agents continue to grow and prosper today, and look forward to a bright, professional future.
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