Then 1/3 of what comes to me goes to the

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Then 1/3 of what comes to me goes to the
Im noticing this went unanswered for weeks, Ill go out on a limb here. For me, residential listings are at typically at 6%, there are exceptions with regard to distance driven, location, where a moderate amount of difficulty to even get to a property with affect the percentage and length of time Im willing to sign for a listing. There are over 800 of us in this market, we are all independent for the most part, and unlike attorneys, there is no retainer up front. There are some of us that spend 00s a month to keep a marketing machine running, its daunting for agents that dont have the budget to do that, especially when they find one page homes magazine ads start at 0 each.
The FineProperty. com website has been running for 20 years, a supply of regular viewers is something you cant buy. Consider how buyers shop for homes these days, a yard sign is nice, but maybe that 7% listing agent has a tremendous presence where buyers shop. As for the commission, be aware that the agent doesnt plunk k and change in his pocket. Its split, with half to the agent bringing the buyer.
Im sure youre aware that once half comes to the brokerage, if its full service like mine, they take a nice chunk for the brand right off the top, and then whats left is split with the company based on negotiated splits. Then 1/3 of what comes to me goes to the IRS. For round numbers, that amounts to about k, now the expense of desk, marketing, expenses, time, all comes in to play. Find an agent and agency that is a well oiled machine, photographers, marketing, staff, signage, all in place. As for being special and not wanting to work, and lumping all in to one group, Ill leave that for someone else to address.
I would expect by now you are listed, sold, and packing up. 0k in 84098 is a hot number.
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