Utah Career Outlook for Real Estate Agents

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Utah Career Outlook for Real Estate Agents
Utah Career Outlook for Real Estate Agents Is a Career in Real Estate Right for You? Do you want a career that rewards hard work? Do you want a career that can be financially rewarding? Do you want a career that could easy translate into your own business?
The Utah real estate market is HOT and sales numbers are climbing towards the 2008 pinnacle of housing sales. The data is staggering, and just back in 2011 the market was in decline. In 2010, the total property sold in Utah was just 3,341 units. In 2011, that number dropped to 2,936 units as the market shrunk by nearly 7 percent.
The turn around came the next several years as 2012 and 2013 grew slowly but steadily. In 2014, 4,133 properties sold and from January through May of 2015 4,550 properties sold. So the first five months of 2015 have already produced more property sales than all of 2014. That is what we mean when we say that theUtah RealEstate Market is hot.
Now is the time to enter the Real Estate market in Utah. Now is the time to make a career change into a field that is lucrative. Now is the time to start a career that allows you to have a flexible schedule, presents daily opportunities, and that can move you to a higher financial level. Here is why you should consider a career in Real Estate: In 2015, and according to the Utah Association or Realtors, the median home selling price rose to 0,000 from 5,000 in 2014.
So what does that mean? It means that in just five months of 2015, the Utah Real Estate Industry produced description,046,500,000 in sales. description. 046 billion dollars in just five months time. That’s a hot market. However, the numbers get better.
If the average transaction had about 6 percent commission in the first five months of 2015; we estimate that Utah Real Estate Agents racked up about ,790,000 in commissions. . 79 million dollars in commissions! When we say lucrative, we mean $$$ millions of dollars worth of opportunity. How many opportunities do you have in your current career? Real Estate is not for everyone, but many people career satisfaction in Real Estate.
Real Estate agents represent people from all walks of life. Some are young, some are older, most are people who find themselves stuck in a career they don’t like. Are you considering changing careers? Real Estate might be a perfect home for you.
The market is undersaturated with agents, in fact; it needs new agents to help with the growing demand from the Utah Real Estate Market. Utah’s Real Estate Agents By the Numbers According to Utah. gov, there are approximately 15,000 active real estate brokers and agents licensed in Utah. The population of Utah is about 3 Million people, so this means that there is about one agent or broker for every 200 people. The national average is 1 agent for every 158 people.
There are fewer real estate agents in Utah compared to the national average. Utah is a market with outstanding opportunities. Are you ready to become a licensed real estate agent in Utah? Residential- Residential properties in Utah range from high-density condominium projects in larger cities to rural and farm properties spread throughout the state in smaller communities.
Commercial- Commercial properties occur in every city of Utah. Utah is a great place for businesses to operate, and new businesses projects break ground every day. Recreational- There are also plenty of recreational properties in Utah. Utah is home to great skiing and snowboarding and is home to many lakes, rivers, and reservoirs.
Utah also is home to 5 national parks including Zions National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Arches National Park. Each of these attractions brings people from around the world to Utah, creating a high demand for recreational properties. The takeaway here is that each of the three types of real estate specialties offers outstanding potential for people who want more out of life. Once Licensed You Can Start Your Career : Most newly licensed Real Estate Agents start off at one of the many real estate brokerages in Utah.
Here new agents find help getting started in their real estate careers. A directory of brokerages that accept newly graduated agents is on the Agent Professor Utah Real Estate Broker Directory page. So there is not only opportunity, but there is help getting your career started. Are you ready to make a change?
A career as a Utah Real Estate agent is a very realistic endeavor. We provide quality Real Estate education designed to help you become a licensed agent. We work with all kinds of students from millennials, people changing careers, and “empty nesters” looking for a full or part-time career. We happily answer all of your questions.
If you are ready to begin an exciting life as a Real Estate Agent, then please today.
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