Utah Home Buyer Commission Rebates

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Utah Home Buyer Commission Rebates
Utah real estate agents and brokers are regulated by the Utah Department of Commerce, Division of Real Estate. Fee Negotiating Tips 1. PP P Do not work with an agent unless a fee agreement has been negotiated first. 2. PPP Do not agree to pay any junk fees to the broker.
P Many agreements contain fine print that includes things such as “broker administration fees” or commissions. P Do not agree to pay these. 3. PPP Make sure that your fee agreement states that all seller bonuses or extra fees goes to you and not your broker. 4. PPP Make sure that your fee agreement states that no referral fees are being paid or received.
P Click Here 1. PPPPP Lynn Fillmore,P broker of record, (801) 372-1658 DISCOUNT: 50% of the commission received. P. e-mail: P website: www. lynnfillmore. com License, UTAH # 5478881-PB00 1360 Carterville Road, Orem, UT 84097 “Upfront and Truthful Communication is the fundamental element of success in my business; I take great pride in offering just that. After 20 years as a Licensed Realtor, Principal Broker for 10+ of those years and with over 2500 listing posted, priced from the thousands to the millions; Land, Homes, Luxury Homes, Apartments, Commercial Property, and Farms.
I know, and the statistic prove that my services will benefit you. I offer options in listing your property and buying another. With each client I represent, a relationship of trust and confidence is formed. This fiduciary relationship is something more than the ordinary honor of the marketplace.
Honesty and forthrightness is a must and the law demands a higher degree of care and responsibility from me. My goal is to help you today and tomorrow and I would hope you will refer everyone you know to me for the same kind of service. ” taken from website.
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