Utah Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

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Utah Real Estate Continuing Education Courses
Approval #: RC141126 Sponsor Code: This course is iPad compatible. For many real estate professionals, short sales and foreclosures have become a significant part of their business. These types of transactions can be challenging and complicated so itвs crucial that you know exactly what you are doing. Knowing how to maneuver the complexities of short sales as well as how to identify the distinct real estate opportunities in foreclosure are not merely good skills to have in todayвs market в they are crucial!
This course will help students become comfortable identifying and handling short sales and foreclosures. We will be covering the basics of getting started with short sales including definitions, challenges and finding leads. Weвll also discuss obtaining; servicing, marketing, and completing the sales process for a short sale listing. Youвll also learn all about the foreclosure process, including the market opportunity, definitions, and types of foreclosures, REO properties and options to foreclosure for the homeowner.
Finally, weвll cover the entire process of listing, marketing and closing the foreclosed/REO property. UT requires seat time equivalent to the hours for which the course is approved.
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