Utah Real Estate License Renewal

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Utah Real Estate License Renewal
Utah Real Estate Agents/Brokers are required to take 18 continuing education hours every 24 months. 9 of the 18 hours must be in approved CORE topics. Licensees are to take their Continuing Education by the 15th of the month of expiration, in order to renew on time, without incurring a late fee. First Renewal only: To renew at the end of the first renewal cycle, a licensee must complete the 12-hour New Sales Agent course AND an additional 6 hours of non-duplicative hours of CE which may be either core or elective. Late Renewal only: License renewal which is after 30 days but withing six months a licensee much complete 24 hours of CE of which 9 of those are Core credits.
After 6 months but within 12 months a licensee must complete 42 hours of CE of whic 9 of those are Core credits. Note: After 1 year, a licensee must apply for a new license.
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