Utah Real Estate Purchase Contract REPC

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Utah Real Estate Purchase Contract REPC
When selling Real Property in Utah the standard form to use is called. a. k. a. the REPC (pronounced Rep-See). This is the form that Licensed Real Estate Agents must use, buyer and sellers may use any form they choose however if there is a Real Estate agent involved then this is the form. This form is approved by the Utah real estate commission and the office of the Utah attorney general, effective august 5, 2003. It replaces and supersedes all previously approved versions of this form.
It is actually a very good document and covers most circumstances that could arise. It is a very win-win and allows a buyer and seller to enter into an agreement to sell-buy real property and allows the buyer to do their diligence with deadlines. It covers things like inspection, appraisal, loan and remedies for defaults. To download a copy of the.
Everything must be in writing no matter how much you know or like someone or how nice they seem. Remember.
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