Welcome Utah Landlords!

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Welcome Utah Landlords!
This is a new resource site for Utah Landlords, sponsored by retired Utah real estate attorney Cynthia Hale (formerly known as utahlawlady). As many of you know, I retired from representing clients on May 31, 2006. P When I retired I was self-managing 70+ units in my spare time while running a busy full time law practice. P Since retiring, I am happily self-managing the 92 houses and apartments that I now co-own with my son and daughter-in-law, and.
I have also just opened a new national website and Landlord Blog at: where I intend to download my brain to help other small do-it-yourself Landlords create the kind of business success that we have been able to accomplish. P Please feel free to add your thoughts. In the coming months, I will be creating a number of educational products at the site:P videos, special reports, articles, MP3s, on-line classes and webinars, etc. P For now, the education will be free.
P P You are also invited to sign up for my new newsletter: Pay Dirt for Landlords, where Ill share some great tips to help you avoid the landmines and build passive income and equityPas a successful income property owner. P (Hello retirement cash flow! ) Last year I spoke at the Fall Conference of the Utah State Bar on how to be a successful solo attorney. P After the class, several attorneys came up and told me that I should update my forms. P I told them that I had taken down the old utahlawlady website and all the forms several years ago.
P The attorneys told me that everyone was still using them, and they were out of date, and it was embarassing! So. here are my updated forms for Utah residential landlords. P They are free but they come with a DISCLAIMER so please read it. Enjoy!
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I am trying to find out if Utah has a real estate code that requires buyers to sign a contract with a realtor.

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