Danielle D.I. released two new singles, one of which she dedicated to her ailing mother and another addressing Ishawna.

The “Equal Rights” singer released a gritty diss track last month “Walking Dead” where she rips Danielle D.I. mother who is currently battling a life threatening illness. The song drew a lot of condemnation from some dancehall fans who thinks that she went a bit too far. Seems D.I. is moving past that with a new single “So Blessed” dedicated to her mother.

“Mama am so blessed mi have you / Want you fi know that, mi love you / Mama I’m so blessed mi have you / Love you with everything I do,” she sings. The dancehall diva released another single “Nothing On Me” where she takes a few shots at Ishawna. The song is not being promoted as a diss track, but you can expect a response from the “Equal Rights” deejay.

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