I can make your love life wonderful
I’ll do for you any miracle, oh,
I am the man that you’d want me to be,
All we need is love between you and me,

Vs I
La Toya, my purpose in life is for your ecstasy,
Oh oh, La Toya, the time has come to make you feel so happy,

Chg I
Take a chance and try my love,
You’re the only one I’ve ever dreamed of,
My heart- won’t let me forget
The love we have to develop yet,

Hook I Adlibs
La, la, la, la, la, la La Toya
La Toya, I was designed the mate for your soul
La Toya, we need each other to become one whole

Vs ii
La Toya, it’s up to us
To show how love can be so true,
La Toya, please, let me say,
I really and sincerely love you,

Chg ii
Can you hear my love calling?
Without you my life is appalling,
But everything shall be all right
Once we’re together every day and night,

Hook ii Adlibs
La Toya, let’s start a brand new family,
La Toya, when you want a special love I’ll be ready,
La Toya, you’re the one more deserving my love,
La Toya, you’re the best I’ve ever known of,

La Toya, it’s time for us to love,
Just you and I, one on one to achieve our goals
And make all of our dreams come true,
Oh yes, it’s possible,

Hook/Vamp Out Adlibs
La la, la, la, I’m the one designed for you,
And la, la, la, la, you’re the one designed for me too,
La, la, La Toya, I love you,
La Toya, we’re in the Master’s Plan
To love each other, yes, you and I forever,
Can you feel the love?

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