[Verse 1]
You encouraged me when I
Didn’t I have faith in myself.
You are my mentor in life.

Nobody is like you.
Yes, you stuck by me.

All the sacrifices you made for me.
You did a lot to make me happy.
And I like to thank you for your support.

[Pre Chorus]
You were always by my side.
Throughout the good and bad.
I’ll always stand by your side.

Be all you can be.
And dance for your papa.
Make him proud of what you do.
Be a success.
And dance for your papa.
Oh, oh papa.

[Verse 2]
I want to be a success.
Cause I know you would be proud.
Your encouragement has me doing my best.

You make sure I’m shining bright.
I want the world to see me glow.

You were always there to pick me up.
You make my troubles go away.

You are my shining star.
You make me very proud.
You are my rock
My best support.

Pre Chorus


I’m his bambino.
He is my papa.
Ti amo, mi ami?
Ho bisogno di te.
Ti penso sempre.
Mi fai felice.
Voglio stare con te per sempre.
Ti amo.

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