Walk down the runway.
I’d be lookin’ fierce.
So take your pictures now.
I’m in love with the camera.
Love the way I look
Cause I am eye candy.
When I walk downtown,
I’d be getting the look.
Baby I look so fly.
I could blind oncoming traffic.
When I see you on advertisements,
You look picture perfect.
You simply took me back.
I just can’t help myself.

When I look at all the billboards, it’s everywhere.
The power of your sex appeal, it takes me away.
The energy of your persona it blew me away.
And I can’t recover from your energy.

[Verse 2]
Met the model of my dreams.
We’re going out tonight.
Gonna take, gonna take the city by storm.
So much to do, so much to see.
Won’t be left with a broken heart.
I’m known as the heartbreaker.
Want to keep you occupied.
So you won’t get distracted.
Can I keep you interested?
Ya better not look anywhere else.
Gotta keep you in check.
Gotta keep you in line.
Gotta keep you interested.
Gotta keep you wanting more.


We’ll dance the night away.
We’ll live in harmony.
I’ll salsa my way into your heart.
Like a fairy tale, I live like a king.
You fullfill my life.
You fullfill my wishes.
You made my dreams come true.
You are my destiny.
No one can compare to you.
There’s something you gotta know:

You’re candylicious. You’re delicious.
You’re eye candy. You’re super fi-ine.


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