[Verse 1]
There are those who treat me fine and give me what I need
And when I feel I need some time I take it as I please
You don’t ever have to beg
You don’t have to call
They’re always comin’ round the house
With flowers gifts and all

[Verse 2]
I’m the one who never cared for nothin’ else but love
All the boys that try their luck
Will find out what I’m made of
All of them who think it’s good to take what they can find
I have this to tell them
You just have to bid your time

What goes around, comes around, goes around

[Verse 3]
So the other day you know
While I was walking down the street
It wasn’t even special but I’ll tell you bout our secret beat
When he moved he looked so cool specially when he looked at me
I could hardly believe when I heard myself say would you go out with me

[Verse 4]
You think you know the rest of the story
You think you know how it ends
We’re both so different
We’ll never have a chance
We were married in the summer
By the winter I was bored
So I left and changed my number
All hate mails will be ignored.

What goes around, comes around, goes around

[Verse 5]
I had a friend who had some trouble just about the other night
She came by over and cried
Cos she broke up with some guy
So I told her you gotta listen to every word I say
Despite the good old religion
You gotta make him pay

What goes around, comes around, goes around

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