The coronavirus is shutting everything down. Concerts, games, and even Disneyland have all been cancelled and we’re all trying this social distancing thing. But singer-songwriter YUNGBLUD isn’t letting COVID-19 get in the way of sharing his music with fans.

The artist has been hard at work for two months in his studio, making new music for his upcoming album, and he was looking forward to going on tour in the spring. With the pandemic the world is currently facing, he’s unfortunately had to cancel shows in ten countries, So he decided to find a way to make it work, and give back to the audiences greatly affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

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YUNGBLUD will be live streaming his “Shit’s Weird Keep Calm and Carry On” concert in Los Angeles on Monday at 7:00 AM PDT to foster a sense of community. In between songs, he will also be fielding questions from fans who live in the countries with postponed shows.

YUNGBLUD on Instagram: “SHITS WEIRD BUT WE’LL KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON … i hate that shows are gettin cancelled so im gonna bring one to you. ill be live on my…”

“The world is in a very weird time at the moment. Everyone doesn’t know what to do or where to turn. It’s like we are all trapped in a glass or perspex box whilst someone is playing a trick on us. My shows were getting cancelled left right and centre. I miss the energy, I miss the connection, I miss my fans and family,” YUNGBLUD said in a press release.

“We need each other more than ever right now and having the opportunity to interact with them taken away from me fully wasn’t even an option for me! we’re holding an online concert monday 7am pdt earliest show of my life see you there!!!”

The show will feature special guests Bella Thorne, Machine Gun Kelly, and Oliver Tree.

YUNGBLUD on Instagram: “monday 7am pdt. see you there. tell ya mates.🖤🖤🖤 @machinegunkelly @bellathorne @olivertree”

You can stream YUNGBLUD’s show on his YouTube channel here.

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