You should not take information from sources that reported Ukraine's “ultimatum” to Russia on the military at Azovstal, Peskov advised. More than 1 thousand military Armed Forces of Ukraine remain on the territory of the industrial zone

Dmitry Peskov

The Kremlin advises not to accept information from Telegram channels that disseminate information that Kyiv has put forward an ultimatum to Moscow regarding those at the Mariupol Azovstal plant. Ukrainian military. About this “RIA Novosti” said the representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.

“Don't read these Telegram channels”,— he said.

The agency does not specify which Telegram channel is in question and what, according to its data, was contained in the conditions put forward by Ukraine. “RIA Novosti” at the same time, he writes that the channel is “Russian”, it talked about threats to Russian prisoners of war.

At the request of Roskomnadzor, RBC provides data on the details of the military operation in Ukraine based on information from Russian official sources.

Mariupol has been in the war zone since the end of February— from the very beginning of the Russian military operation in Ukraine. On April 21, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported on the capture of the city, noting that the Ukrainian military remained only on the territory of the Azovstal plant. President Vladimir Putin then instructed to cancel the assault on the plant, calling it inappropriate. “You don't need to climb into these catacombs,” — said the Russian president, ordering to block the industrial zone in such a way “so that the fly does not fly by.”

In Kyiv, it was reported that Azovstal more than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers remain. “There are those who have received serious injuries and need urgent evacuation,” — emphasized the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Iryna Vereshchuk. The same estimate of the number of military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was given in the DPR, the head of the republic, Denis Pushilin, announced that there were 1.2 thousand Ukrainian military at the plant. He noted that civilians on the territory of Azovstal not left, and therefore “the hands of our units are untied.”

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The Ukrainian side offers Moscow to exchange Russian prisoners of war for seriously wounded military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Azovstal, insisting that it is impossible to unblock the territory of the plant, and the units occupying it do not want to surrender. Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky warned that Kyiv would stop dialogue with Moscow to resolve the conflict in the event of the death of the military at the plant. According to him, Russia has refused several proposals for the evacuation of the Ukrainian military from the plant, including the exchange of prisoners or the participation of intermediaries.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced several times that it would open a corridor for civilians to leave the plant. The Kremlin emphasized that they see no reason to negotiate with Kyiv on this issue, since the military may leave Azovstal. together with civilians, provided that they lay down their arms. “They will save their lives,” — stressed Peskov in early May.

The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that on the territory of Azovstal there are a large number of “characters” that will confirm the presence of mercenaries among the Ukrainian military. In mid-April, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that those “mercenaries” and their “mentors from Bandera” who do not surrender will have to “be fully responsible for their actions.” “Of course, if they survive,” — he added.

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